Sometimes we get overwhelmed at the thought of discipling our kids and don’t know where to start. We might question whether we have enough knowledge or the right tools to disciple our kids. It can be intimidating to think about how to actually teach the Bible to our kids. Betty Predmore, from teaches that with a little creativity, we can disciple our kids in a fun and exciting way. One that they will likely remember for years to come.

Though I do believe that it is beneficial to find a time to formally disciple your kids, I love Betty’s approach to teaching your kids God’s Word in a relaxed and creative format. Sometimes that’s just what you need to take the pressure off and help your kids understand God’s love! If you’ve missed the other posts in the Discipleship Corner, take a minute to read the original post, Seven Keys to Effective Family Discipleship to get you started in the Family Discipleship Series! I’m glad to have you! I hope you’ll join us in the series dedicated to teaching your kids to love God will all their hearts! ~ Amber


Discipleship in the home is one of the great privileges we receive as parents. To teach our children about the love of Jesus and the Word of God should be looked upon as having a place of great importance. It is significant, it is vital, and it is a real pleasure when done creatively.

My husband and I pray with our children. We make sure they know God’s Word and we try to make sure they understand the importance of adhering to what His Word says.

We ask our kids what they discussed in Children’s Church on Sunday. We love to hear them recite Scripture in word and song.

The best times of discipleship are when we find ways to bring the Bible to life for them. The times we are able to paint them a picture through our actions, they really receive the message in a clearer, more defining way.


Gods Word is exciting.  And it needs to be made exciting to our children. We should always be looking for opportunities to share a story or demonstrate a message interactively.  

On a recent vacation, we had a couple of opportunities to do this with our kids.  As we were hiking in the mountains one day, my husband found a tall stick he was using as a walking stick. I started calling him Moses, which led to telling the kids about Moses and how he turned his staff into a serpent. Boy, did my boys have fun with that one!  

Later that day, my daughter picked up a stick and said, “Look Mommy, I am Moses.”  I was able to share with her that while Moses was a man, he had a sister named Miriam.  So she was able to learn a bit about Miriam and her journey.

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Another day, on another hike, on another mountain, we came across a huge boulder that had a hulled out top. My son lay down in that spot and joked about finding a place to rest.  

As I saw him laying there, it reminded me of Abraham leading Isaac up the mountain and putting him in the sacrificial alter out of obedience to God’s command.  So my husband and I were able to tell that story and act it out with the kids.

My husband took a stick and held it high above his head, and we were able to share about how God stopped Abraham before he was forced to sacrifice his son.  

It was a great example of obedience and sacrifice that they were able to hear in a way that they will never forget. They talked about that for days!


As parents, we need to find ways to bring to life the precious words in those sixty-six books of life.

Our responsibility is to encourage and nurture our children in the things of God, and to teach them the importance of His Word.

A little creativity will bring those wonderful tales to life in a way that a picture in a book cannot. Be aware of opportunities that arise.  Ask God to give you a creative mind.  And share God’s word in your home through story and song.  Make it fun and they will cherish it in their hearts. 

After all, that is the whole purpose of discipleship….to turn hearts toward Jesus.

How about you? What are some creative ways you’ve discipled your kids? Do you have any fun activities you do with your kids to creatively disciple them and make the Bible come alive? Comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas!


creative family discipleshipBetty Predmore is an author, blogger, ministry leader, and the founder of Grace & Virtue Ministry, which was designed to bring encouragement and inspiration to women in all seasons of their life journey through the Word of God and the love of Christ.

Betty enjoys speaking at women’s events. She has dedicated her life to sharing God’s Word with women in a profound and inspiring way, sprinkled with honesty, humor, and encouragement. Her blogs can be found on this website, on the WOVEN website at and on the Facebook pages Grace & Virtue and WOVEN. She uses her blogs as a means of speaking to and touching the hearts of women by sharing her own story and her own thoughts on this crazy journey called life.

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