Dear Mama Who’s Baby Won’t Sleep,

I hear you and I feel your pain! I know the countless hours trying to soothe a crying baby or a child who just will NOT sleep, you are not alone! Even in the wee hours of the night when time seems to drag on and holding your head up seems impossible, you are not alone.

how to deal with a baby who won't sleepI know that morning will come fast and you will have other needs to meet. There is something about the way a mom has to continue on through the day regardless of the length of time she had to sleep the night before. You’ll still have to be present tomorrow, yet today just doesn’t seem to end. But I know you’ll do it! You’ll make tomorrow awesome even though deep inside, you can hardly put one foot in front of the other.

You are the lifeline for your baby and he needs you. It doesn’t matter to him, what time it is, or that you are exhausted beyond comprehension. Your baby trusts you and he knows that you will come and comfort him when he needs you. That’s an awesome privilege!

I, too, have cried out in despair, wondering how this tiny thing can be so loud and so demanding, yet at the same time, the essence of love wrapped up in a sweet-smelling, fuzzy headed soft little body. How can this little person, who seemed so perfect at his birth be making me feel so many different emotions? Why is he making me feel so broken? So helpless?

I have wondered how my feelings could be so conflicting. I understand the sentiment of frustration, wishing I could just lie down in peace and not be bothered for at least enough time to calm my raging mind (or longer). And yet, mommyhood calls you to be loving, kind, patient and understanding of this little one who doesn’t even know how much he holds your sanity in his grip.

I know the tears will fall. I’ve sobbed over a crib myself. I have felt like an empty vessel with nothing left to give. Don’t crumble into pieces. You can’t give up hope! Stay strong!

You are normal. You are going to be ok. It won’t last forever. As you quietly tiptoe out of his room, sneaking back into the comfort of your own bed, sinking deep under the covers, laying your head down, only to hear for the 15th time tonight, a dissatisfied cry and another hour of giving – BE ENCOURAGED! You can do it!  I know it feels like you can’t even navigate.

But how can you survive this time of constant giving? The neediness, at times, almost more than you can handle? Remember the simplest of all the sayings. ‘This too shall pass.’ And it does. It passes quicker than our hearts are ready for.

Kids grow up. They always do. You won’t always be needed in the middle of the night to soothe a cry or slay the ferocious dragons of the midnight hour. You won’t always be needed to give an extra snuggle or another drink of water.

There will be a day, or so I’m told, where you WILL be able to sleep. You will rest as long as you need to and the demands will be over. Hang on to that and realize that you are needed, here, in the quiet stillness of the night. No one else can soothe your baby like you to deal with a baby who won't sleep

Be encouraged! Be invigorated! This task, though discouraging as it may seem is a calling. It’s YOUR calling. Motherhood is no small undertaking. It is a ministry of love. One that gives up its’ own desires, yes, even sleep, to comfort the littles that God has entrusted us with.

So here’s to all the sleepless nights. Here’s to all the tears you’ve wiped away. Here’s to taking your high calling as a mother and doing an AMAZING job!! You are AWESOME sweet Momma! And you WILL sleep again! I promise!

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  1. Very well said, my dear. You are absolutely correct – you WILL sleep again. The investment you’re making in your children is so sacrificial, but you will reap the rewards in the end. They will grow up and thank you for loving them through.

  2. I’m so going through this right now 3 weeks going into 4 with our newborn baby girl
    Needed this article thanks for sharing it with us ?

  3. Great read!! I can totally relate!!! My high maintenance baby is now two but at one time I struggled keeping things straight in my head, getting anything done, or simply finding time for a shower on a daily basis. I’m thankful that those days are behind us but wow I’m glad I was there for him. He needed me and now we have a bond that no one else has.

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