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Jen Kline, from The Best VBS understands the importance of making family worship a priority. I love her gentle approach to discipleship as she teaches her kids how to have a faith that is firmly rooted in Christ. She is teaching them their need for a Savior and making it a part of their everyday life. I’m excited to have her as a part of the Family Discipleship Corner. No matter the age of your kids, you can apply Jen’s approach to your own family by making sure to spend time teaching them about God and His Word everyday! Make sure it becomes a habit! Be sure to read the series to learn how to effectively disciple your family and make sure and sign up and never miss a post! You can look for them on Mondays. ~ Amber

‘Let’s see if we can say it so loud our neighbors can hear us!’ were the words that my daughter spoke that delighted my heart!  

We were sitting in my son’s room with the window open.  I laughed and agreed.  Because everyone needs to hear the message that we were getting ready to shout!  Neighbors included (not that I really thought our neighbors would hear us).  

So we began again, at the top of our voices, shouting for our benefit and maybe our neighbors…

‘Because He loves us with a

Never stopping,

Never giving up,


Always and Forever


Our family has adopted this phrase as our mantra.  We repeat it over and over.  We say it in unison, we catch our kids saying it to themselves, and we shout it so loud so that we can share it with the neighbors too.  

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These beautiful words are ours because of the beauty of the message that they preach to our souls.  And they are ours because of the time that we have invested in reading them.

They come from (affiliate)  Sally Lloyd-Jones’ Jesus Storybook Bible.  And this has been our go-to resource for our family worship time.  

My daughter is 4 years old. We have been reading this book with her for at least two and a half years now. My son is 2. He learned to sit still with us for family worship time, listening to the words of this book. Our baby is 5 months old. He joins us for our family worship time too.

developing the habit of family disicpleship

It has become our habit to read a Bible story at bedtime with our kids. The patter of little feet running through the hall and the shouts of, “I’ll beat you!” echo back downstairs when the words ‘jammies’ and ‘bedtime’ are announced.  

You see, bedtime is a race. Who can get their jammies on first? Whoever wins is expected to go and congratulate the other person with a handshake and the words, ‘Good game.’

But in and amongst the fun of the race, the question inevitably rings out, ‘Can we read a Bible Story tonight?’ And on a normal night the answer is a resounding, ‘YES!’

Our kids love the time that we spend together learning about God’s great rescue plan. We sit together and read. We take turns praying and thanking God for Jesus and for a blessing from our day.  

Our family worship time has been shaped and molded into what works for us in this stage of our young family life.

We use resources that are preschool friendly and accessible for our 2 year-old too. We do not always use theJesus Storybook Bible’, but we always find ourselves coming back to it. We love the way that Sally Lloyd-Jones explains how each story of the Bible fits into God’s Salvation Plan.

When we are using another resource, we look for ones that point us to the gospel. Because the gospel is hope for an unbeliever and it is life for the believer as well.

We try to keep our components similar – prayer and Bible reading (Storybook Bible for now), but our methods fresh.  

If we have guests, they are often asked to join us in our Bible story reading.

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If it is nice outside, we will spend our time together on our swings. Sometimes we read our Bible story in the tent that was the favorite place to play during the day. Other days, we are away from home and bedtime is long gone.

On those days, we say that we won’t be reading a Bible story tonight. And that is okay.   

If someone is ‘hun-gy’ before bed, we will eat a snack and read our Bible story at the table as we did tonight.

But I would not be painting an accurate picture of our family worship time if I ended here. We strive to take the charge in Deuteronomy 6:5-7 seriously.  

‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.  And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.’ Duet.6:5-7 (ESV)

It is not enough for us to simply create a time at bedtime to practice family worship.

It is our desire to teach our kids that God loves us, ‘with a never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love,’ throughout the mundane and exciting aspects of our lives.  

We watch for opportunities to share with our kids what a ‘Big God’ we serve and how He cares for the little details of our lives.

We try to model confession and repentance to our kids when we are unkind or selfish. We point our kids to the cross and their need for a rescuer whenever we can.

For us, family worship can’t just be a bedtime routine, we long for it to be a totally ingrained way of life.  And that is because,

‘He loves us with a never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love.’

It is the only appropriate response.

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Be sure to check out my other posts in the Discipleship Corner, ‘7 Keys to Effective Family Discipleship’ and ‘Effective Family Discipleship.’ I pray God richly blesses you as you teach your family to love Him!


Jen Kline is a wife to a wonderful man and a mom to three precious kids.  She has been blessed with the opportunity to spend her days cleaning up spilled milk, locating lost blankies, and reattaching the bucket of her son’s favorite toy skid steer (farm machinery) countless times. Jen writes at, ‘The Best VBS’ where she offers a free email course entitled, ‘Praying for Your Best VBS.’ Check it out and grab more resources for your Vacation Bible School at http://www.thebestvbs.com.


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