Don't let whole30 scare you! It's really not that badDon’t let Whole 30 scare you! It’s really not that bad! REALLY! IT’S NOT!! It’s not scary! When my family decided to do the Whole 30 Challenge last October 2016, people really thought I was crazy! Ok! Even I thought I was crazy!

How was I going to be able to feed all 8 1/2 of us (my 7th baby was born at the end of November) on a tight budget, with picky eaters and a busy schedule? We also have little kids in the mix, so this was a concern. Would they even eat it? (By the end, my 5-year-old was begging me for salads and she still loves them today!)

A few KEY elements came into play.

Plan and Prepare

I cannot stress this enough! You must plan ahead! This is probably THE single most important element of Whole 30.

With the right kind of preparation, you can and will be successful in following through with the program!

It worked for me to choose a day of the week to meal plan. Then on another day, I went grocery shopping. When I returned home with all of my groceries, I would prepare what I could to get ready for the week. I browned all of the hamburger and froze it in one pound packages so it was easy to grab. I cooked up chicken so it was ready to toss on a salad or add to some veggies for a main dish. It was also helpful to dice onions, celery, peppers, etc. so I could grab them quickly. It made cooking much more efficient and enjoyable!

Don't Let Whole 30 Scare You! It's Really not that bad!Whole 30 recommends having 3 meals on hand for emergencies. The same would be true of snacks. If you know that there is something in your freezer, ready to eat, you don’t have to stress as much when life gets in the way of your plan!

Something that really helped my family was to post the menu where everyone could see it so they all knew what was coming next. It actually helped me, as well so I could be working on the next meal without needing to dig out recipes and directions.

Maybe you’re at a TOTAL loss and you have NO idea what to cook! Then I would wholeheartedly recommend Real Plans. Real Plans is an editable meal planner that learns your likes and dislikes. It caters to most food allergies, tastes and preferences.

And……They have a special Whole 30 plan that you can check out in the link below. It’s especially great if you are really busy! (And who of us isn’t?!) You can customize your menus and ‘Real Plans’ will prepare a grocery shopping list for you. I absolutely LOVE this menu planning service and the added bonus is that they teamed up with Whole 30!

Shop. Cook. Eat. Love.

Pick the Right Time

You won’t want to pick a time during a major holiday or a family vacation. It is important to think ahead and really plan out a time that you can commit to the ENTIRE 30 days. (Trust me, it is SO worth it!)Don't let Whole 30 Scare you! It's really not that bad!

Make sure that you know that you can execute the entire plan. I wanted to fall safely between Thanksgiving and the arrival of our newest baby so that we would still be able to indulge in our traditional Thanksgiving dinner! Side note – we were so accustomed to eating the Whole 30 way, that when Thanksgiving did roll around, none of could eat as much as we normally would! We laughed at how easily everyone’s bellies filled up!

Download the Whole 30 Timeline

I cannot tell you how helpful this was. The makers of Whole 30 have given an invaluable resource in their timeline. I mentioned in my previous Whole 30  post that for our family it was SPOT on!

It helped me to know what was coming, what attitudes were normal (we all had them!) and what to prepare for. I felt more normal knowing that others had experienced the same things as our family was experiencing and they survived! Download it here. You’ll need it!

FREE one week WHOLE 30 menu and grocery list!!!!

Hidden Content

Get Some Accountability

Whenever you are doing something challenging, it always helps to have someone there to cheer you on. Someone who will pick you up when you fall or encourage you when you feel like giving up.

You need to find somebody who will support you in it. For me, it helped to have my whole family on board. Let me tell you, there were a few times that I nearly threw in the towel and it was my KIDS (yes, the ones who were so opposed in the beginning) who wouldn’t let me give up! Alternately, my husband was a big encouragement!

Don't Let Whole 30 Scare you! It's really not that bad!And let’s just face it, typically when you announce something to the world that you intend to do, there is always the pressure to ‘save face’ and just continue what you are doing, no matter how hard it may be! So maybe even telling a close friend what you are doing would help!

If you don’t have someone who is able to hold you accountable, there are many facebook groups available. Whole 30 also has a FREE encouragement email newsletter they will send you to help you along the way. I would also love to help encourage you if you would like to email me or comment below!

Our family did Whole 30 in October 2016, but we still eat mostly ‘Whole 30’ today. The benefits have been amazing! I’m so thankful we did it! You can check out my post about our family’s adventure here!

You will be surprised at the increased energy you feel. The overall sense of well-being is awesome! I found that we were very cheerful (after Week 1!) and there was a peaceful spirit about our house!

What is holding you back? What scares you about Whole 30? Have you thought about doing it and just aren’t ready to commit? Please comment below and I’d be glad to help you in any way I can!

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