How to Make Money By Writing A Best-Selling Book

Writing a book? Six months ago, I could think of at least fifty other things I’d rather do!

Writing a book seemed like an insurmountable task. One I didn’t feel I had the time, ambition, or know-how to master.

That is to say there just didn’t seem to be any way I could ever do that!


One sunny July afternoon, as I was talking to my good friend, Stephanie from, she said,

“Amber, you need to write a book!”

“Right, Stephanie,”  I replied. “There’s no way! But thank you for suggesting it!”

And I quickly changed the subject.

Because there really was no way.

I didn’t have what it takes to write a book. (or so I thought!)

After all, I had only just begun blogging.

How could I possibly write a book when I had no idea where to start?


I put the idea out of my mind, promising myself never to think about it again, because….because why??

I didn’t really have a good reason, truth be told! It just seemed overwhelming.

Sure, I have thoughts running around in my head that I’d love to share, but I was not an academic kid in school and I don’t even have a college education.

Don’t you have to be smart to write a book?

I mean, really smart!

And writing a best-selling book just didn’t seem like something I was capable of.


I committed to sticking with my blog.

Because, by and large, I was enjoying it and it was going well. As a result, I didn’t really need to bite off any more.

After all, I’m a stay at home mom of seven kids. Adding in one more thing didn’t seem like a good idea!


In the same way I tried to get the notion of blogging out of my mind, I couldn’t quite shake the idea of a book.

But this time, I spent time talking to my husband! 

A whole day, in fact!

Because I really couldn’t stop thinking about writing a best-selling book.

But, to be fair, I had the same thoughts of uncertainty when I started my blog.

(See my post, This One Crazy Thing that Allowed Me to make Money from Home for the whole funny story!) 


The very next morning, after the two of us committed to talk it over and pray about it, I received an invitation in my email inbox.

“Come and join a webinar for Self Publishing School.”

“Chandler Bolt will teach you how to write and publish a book in 90 days!”


Ninety days to a published book?

NO way!

I couldn’t even imagine!

But because I’m a risk taker, I brought the email to my husband to see what he thought.

Was I crazy? (Well, yes, but that’s beside the point!)

After some strong consideration, we both decided I should attend Self Publishing School’s webinar.

I was hooked!


Chandler’s method was amazing!! And I can tell you 100% that his method absolutely worked!

Amazingly, I did end up publishing my book in 90 days.

You can check out my book, “The Homeschooling Housewife, Juggling it All, One Priority at a Time.”

It’s available on Amazon and guess what??

It actually did become a best-seller! (I was shocked and amazed!)

Actually, I wrote the book in 30 days and the remaining 60 days were used to edit and format the book.


I really could not believe how quickly it came together using Chandler Bolt’s method!

What impressed me the most was that Chandler promised to take me from the point of having no idea what to write about, to a complete and published book in 90 days.

I was very impressed at the systematic way that Chandler helped me organize my ideas so that they flowed into a complete, 200 page book.

In fact, I really surprised myself!

I’d love to share the details, but I can’t give away too much of Chandler’s system! You’ll have to check it out for yourself!

You can, however, watch this video and Chandler will give you all the details you need in order to start your book writing journey!


Actually, thanks to the help of Self Publishing School, not only did I write my book, but It’s generating a nice passive income for my family and me.

Of course there was work to do upfront, but now that it lives on Amazon, I don’t have to do anything!

As a matter of fact, I’ve also launched a second blog, The Homeschooling Housewife and have even had some requests for speaking engagements.

Not only that, but thanks to Chandler, I now have ideas for at least six more books! The only thing I’m lacking now is time!


Have you ever thought about writing a best selling book?

Self Publishing School says that everyone has several books floating around inside their heads. 

And you know what? I think they’re right!

You are unique and you have experiences to share.

The world needs to hear them.

Who knows? There may be someone out there waiting to hear exactly what you have to say.

You could change a life!

What would you do with the financial freedom a book can bring?

Consequently, making money through a passive income is one of the best ways to earn a living.

Once the work is done up-front, you’ll reap the benefits on a daily basis.

Imagine the possibilities!

As stay at home moms who enjoy being home with their families, writing a book is the perfect opportunity to generate a passive income.

You won’t be accountable to anyone else and can work on your own terms.

I don’t know about you, but that was pretty appealing to me!


I’m living proof that you can achieve the unthinkable. I never would have imagined I could write a best-selling book!

I mentioned before that I was never an academic student.

In fact, writing was something I dreaded. And yet, I am now the author of a best-selling book!

The sky’s the limit.

What book are you going to write?

So what are you waiting for? Have you ever had ideas to write a book and just aren’t sure where to start? 

Let me give you the little nudge you need! At the very least, click the link above and watch the webinar like I did! Surprisingly, it may just change your life! It did mine!

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  1. Amber, First of all, I can’t think of a sweeter woman to have been partnered with for this process. I am so grateful you launched a book, because I never would have known you as I do without your courage to ask people to join your launch team – on an FB group where we both gather online. From there, I have been blessed to read your book and get to know you. You are a treasure. Your book is a gift to moms – not just home educating moms either. I look forward to those other six books in your head whenver they come out.

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