I’m so excited about this week’s post by, Catherine Bird from catherinebird.net. She talks about the importance of a generational faith. Which, in her case, started with her mom and she is now passing it on to her girls. If you are like many, and never had parents who taught you to love God, it’s OK. You can start now, by teaching your kids to love Him. And you can begin the chain of generational faith! If you haven’t read the original post in the Discipleship Corner, I would encourage you to read it! You can expect a new post, teaching you how to disciple your kids, every Monday! ~ Amber

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, my mom stepped from my family’s arms into the arms of Jesus. She had battled stage IV pancreatic cancer valiantly for nine months. During her illness, my family rallied around my mom as we hoped and prayed God would heal her earthly body.  Ultimately, God did heal her, just not as we had prayed. 

Anyone who knew my mom knew her as a kind Southern lady who loved Jesus.  She truly believed in the old adage, “Sprinkle kindness like confetti,” and she spread it everywhere. Her love of Jesus shone with every smile, every hug and every act of kindness she shared with others. 

She took advantage of any opportunity to share the gospel, and we saw her do this often.  In fact, my mom had a “Jesus Calling” ministry, providing copies of the book to those who needed encouragement—often to people she didn’t even know. She ordered these books by the case and gave them out everywhere. She wore out her sandals of peace (Ephesians 6:10-19).

Growing up, I watched as my mom prayed for my brothers and me before I even knew the power behind her actions. From a young age, my parents modeled faith and the power of prayer—again those seeds taking deep root within my spirit.

When I became a mom myself, I began the practice of praying over my own family just as my mom and dad had done for me.

Even before my mom’s illness, which forever changed my family, I recognized the potency of generational faith.

This is the heart behind the Girls of Grace Bible study series, which I pray will begin a movement to equip and encourage moms and daughters as they build their own legacies of grace and faith.

My mommy heart cried out for a tool to help me dig deeper into the Word of God with my mini me’s—strengthening our relationship with one another while drawing us all closer to Jesus.

generational faith

What more powerful gift than to raise generations of daughters who not only understand but embrace their true identities as the image bearers of Christ—a generation of daughters who keep their focus on Jesus and wield the Word of God like the princess warriors they are. 

Through the discipleship of our children, God opens a door to every person they encounter.

Think about that for a second…the potential for each and every person with whom our children come in contact with will hear the Gospel if we instill in them a legacy of faith. When we disciple our children, God opens a door.  And no one can close a door that God opens to us.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. ~John 14:6 (NLT)

My mom knew a full life is not measured by success or wealth.  Family, friends and her unwavering faith in Jesus were at the core of what fulfilled her.  She leaves that legacy for us.

This has become my mission, my fervent prayer not only for my daughters, but for yours, as well.  It’s our turn to sow those seeds, to disciple our children, and to spread God’s truth with love and kindness.

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We don’t know how many people we may eventually impact on an exponential level by simple obeying the command to disciple our kids! Just spending time in teaching our kids God’s Word, may one day have an impact on people who aren’t even born yet! That’s pretty amazing to me, when I think about it! 

I want to encourage you to start today by teaching your kids to love God and to serve Him. Teach them to call on Him and put their faith and trust in Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, and then…teach them to love him by obeying His Word and sharing their faith with others! ~ Amber

How are you discipling your kids? Are you a first generation Believer, just now starting the legacy of generational faith, or did you come from a long line of Believers? Comment below and tell me your story!

Check out Catherine’s Book, Building Circles of Grace. It’s a great tool to teach your tween daughters how to love Christ!

GENERATIONAL FAITHCatherine Bird is the author of Becoming a Girl of Grace: A Bible Study for Tween Girls & their Moms, Building Circles of Grace, A Girl of Grace Study, and Preparing a Way: An Advent Devotional for Tween Girls and their Moms.   She is an author, speaker and Bible teacher who is passionate about moms and daughters and loves to encourage each—small and tall—in their own journey of faith.

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