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Recently, I was plagued with the dreaded UTI (urinary tract infection). In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s one of the most painful things to plague a woman next to childbirth. It’s a very common infection, but unfortunately, can be very difficult to treat. A stubborn UTI can be very frustrating and when you can’t find anything to help cure it, it’s maddening! I have prepared six KIlLER all natural-remedies for the persistent UTI.

Without going into all the details, my infection did not respond to antibiotics. Therefore, I was on a hunt to find something to kick this thing out of my system because, let me tell you, I did not want to live with it any longer than I had to!

I’m guessing that since you’re reading this, you may be desperately seeking the very same thing.

So rather than make you go on a wild goose hunt to help with your symptoms, I’ve compiled my top six killer all natural remedies for a persistent UTI.

(I’m not a doctor and don’t claim any medical expertise. I simply want to share with you, what worked for me. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with your physician before treating yourself at home. Since I had already gone into the doctor, I knew what I was dealing with.)

I’d imagine that at this point you probably don’t care a whole lot about the technical aspects of each of the remedies (I know I just wanted to find something that would get rid of it!) But in case that you do, you can follow the links to read more.

Therefore, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell how how I used each of the remedies to get rid of my persistent UTI. I know how miserable I was, so to spare you the time, I’ve given you all the links that are EXACTLY what I used to treat my UTI.




This stuff is AMAZING!

It’s available in a gel cap or as a straight essential oil. (affiliate) This is the EXACT one I used. 

I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to taking things that taste yucky, therefore I chose to get oil of oregano in gel caps.

They were tiny and easy to swallow and really didn’t taste like anything at all.  

I followed a simple regimen that was easy to remember:

  • I took THREE per day for THREE days
  • then TWO per day for TWO days
  • and then ONE for the final day

You can read more about oil of oregano here.


Corn silk extract comes in a few different forms, but I chose to take the corn silk extract that comes in liquid form. It comes in a little vial with a dropper. (affiliate) You can find the EXACT one I used here.

Technically I think you are supposed to make it into a tea, but since I just wanted to get it in my system, it worked just as well for me to put one dropper full into a cup of water and swing it down as fast as I could.

It doesn’t taste great, I’ll warn you, but it’s so worth it! Corn silk extract pretty much smells and tastes like the water left in the pot after you’ve boiled corn on the cob. Now exactly a flavor-fest. But I was willing to do just about anything to get rid of my stubborn UTI.

It’s safe to take on a regular basis, so I just took one dropper full in a tiny bit of water every time I used the bathroom so that I could make sure it stayed in my system.

What I loved the most about it is that it helps relax and soothe the bladder, bringing some relief to the discomfort.

You can read more about corn silk extract here.


I had never heard of d-mannose prior to having my last UTI (Yes, I’m prone to them, unfortunately.) But I’m eternally grateful that I found it! (affiliate) Here is the exact d-mannose I used. 

If you think of the most common home remedy for a persistent UTI, what comes to mind? For as long as I can remember, ladies have been saying to drink cranberry juice as soon as you start to see the symptoms.

Actually, d-mannose is the compound found in cranberry juice.

So you can spare yourself an awful lot of puckering lips and just take d-mannose rather than chugging down gallons of cranberry juice. (It makes my jaw quiver just thinking about it!)

It’s also very safe to use and seems to have no side effects.

It comes in a capsule or bulk powder. Get the powder! I have found that it’s much more effective than the capsules and unlike the corn silk extract, it actually doesn’t taste half bad!

So I chase my corn silk extract water concoction with my d-mannose to get a little bit of flavor!

Using the d-mannose is actually very simple:

  • The idea is to have it constantly in your bladder. Since UTIs cause you to frequent the bathroom quite often, you’ll need to take a dose after every trip.
  • Put a teaspoon into a quarter of a cup of water (or less) and drink it after every bathroom trip.
  • I keep using d-mannose long after my symptoms are gone so that I am sure the UTI won’t return. (I don’t want anything to do with the thoughts of it coming back! 🙂 )
  • For me, I typically use one bottle of d-mannose over the course of about a month to treat my UTI and any residual symptoms.

You can learn more about d-mannose here. 


Colloidal silver is GOLDEN! It’s something I will never be without in my medicine cabinet. The exact silver I used to treat my stubborn UTI wasn’t available, but I can safely recommend this one, since I’ve used it very successfully in the past. And just a note: a little goes a long way! (affiliate) Here is a link to the ionic silver.

It kills the bad bacteria and leaves the good bacteria, making it an excellent choice for the treatment of many kinds of infections, but I especially found it helpful for my persistent UTI.

  • In my regimen for curing my UTI, I used ONE teaspoon of silver, THREE times per day.

You can read more about ionic silver here. (You’ll see it’s useful for many things!)


A good probiotic is a MUST! For my last UTI, (affiliate) I only had children’s chewable probiotics on hand! They taste great, though! Even though the chewable are effective, (affiliate) I would recommend these instead!

I was actually quite excited to find that some people are treating UTIs with probiotics alone. It makes sense, since the infection is really an overtaking of bacteria.

The probiotics help balance your system and create an ‘unfriendly’ environment for the bad bacteria to reside.

Since I believe taking a good probiotic on a daily basis is good practice anyway, I don’t really have a specific UTI regiment for probiotics other than following the daily dosage instructions.

If you want to read more about probiotics, you can do so, here.


It seems so simple doesn’t it? And yet, I have the hardest time drilling it into my head! I NEED TO DRINK WATER! And so do you!

So many things can be cured with water.

It’s a good idea to drink a ton of water when you have a UTI. The natural tendency is just the opposite. I know it doesn’t sound fun to use the bathroom any more often than you already are, but flushing out your bladder is one of the best things you can do to treat a persistent UTI.

You can’t get any more basic and all-natural than water!


It can take awhile for your symptoms to subside and it’s not uncommon for you to feel bladder irritation for several weeks after having a persistent UTI. Especially if you’ve had it a while. 

I successfully treated my persistent UTI using the remedies I mentioned above. And the bonus is:

In the future, at the first sign of any symptom, I can quickly fend it off before it establishes itself. I ALWAYS keep these remedies on hand!


If you still feel symptoms are not going away after trying these things, you can extend your treatment.  

However, if you have pain in your back, fever, chills, or a general overall bad feeling, then you should definitely go to your local health care provider. Again, I am not a doctor, but I am all for trying to treat symptoms naturally whenever possible.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these remedies and which are your favorites. Comment below and let me know if you have other tried and true ideas! I may just add them to the list!

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  1. Just checkin’ … You may already be avouding sugar at all, and excess carbs, but I have to tell you, everyone has a different tolerance to them. I can get a UTI by eating a couple of these together … A tiny piece of berry pie on a holiday, large serving of spaghetti, stuffing, potatoes … all starches & sugars that change your pH. So … since tiny is better, i willbe happy with a bite or 2 of them. Period. NO soda (regular or diet; they do the same inside

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