Would you like to eat sugar-free but you keep finding yourself with your hand in the cookie jar? Does it seem like you’ve tried everything but you just can’t seem to kick the dirty habit? I’ve been there!

Sometimes I have crazy ideas and they just WORK!! (Sometimes I have ideas that flop also, but that’s a story for another day!)Whole 30 Can Help You Eat Sugar-Free! And it's not that hard

So one day last fall when I decided that it would be a good idea for my family of almost nine (I was 32 weeks pregnant with baby number 7) to cut dairy, grain, legumes and sugar out of our diet, everyone thought I had fallen off my rocker! I blamed it on pregnancy brain (that IS a real thing!)

What could go wrong?? I mean really?? How hard could it be to feed my family in a way that goes TOTALLY against the grain? (No pun intended!)

It was HARD! It took time! And planning! And lots of grit (but I’ve never been afraid to do something challenging)

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!! It was the best decision I could have made for the health and well-being of my family. Guess what?? Nobody died! (Despite some of my kids’ worst fears) Better yet, nobody starved!

How Whole 30 Can Help You Eat Sugar Free

The lifelong things I learned about my own body, as well as the rest of my family, were well worth the few challenges that Whole 30 posed. As a result of Whole 30, I was able to avoid heart surgery. You read that right! AVOID surgery! That’s HUGE!


There is a ton of support on the website and also several forums with FAQs.

I was also able to pinpoint several other suspected food allergies/intolerances in several of my kiddos. My husband also confirmed some food intolerances, despite being gluten-free for 3 1/2 years.

It is SO WORTH IT! If you are contemplating Whole 30, I cannot urge you enough to take the plunge! You will learn so much about yourself, your body and maybe even some food allergies. The benefits go far beyond the scale. I was excited at the sheer amount of energy I gained by following the plan.

FREE one week WHOLE 30 menu and grocery list!!!!

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The best benefit of all (ok, besides avoiding heart surgery) is the fact that I no longer eat SUGAR! None! I don’t even cheat. My cravings are gone! It has been 5 months since my family strictly followed the Whole 30. Despite the fact that we are done with the plan, I have been able to carry on without sugar in my diet. (Something I had tried and failed at several times in the past)

I attribute this to Whole 30’s unique approach to sweeteners. During the 30 days, you will not be able to use any sweetener at all. In the beginning, it is a bit challenging, but as you can tell, I believe in the program and believe it is very worth it to stick to it! As you push through the cravings, eventually you will find that sugar is not even enticing to you anymore! It is a lasting change that will be so beneficial!

I would recommend purchasing the Whole 30 book to help you get started.It is invaluable and even gives you a guide for what to expect each of the 30 days. There is a daily guide included in the book that will help you know what you can expect to feel each day. It was SPOT on for my family.

How Whole 30 Can Help You Eat Sugar Free

Plan and Prepare. This is an essential part of Whole 30 and I believe without planning and preparing ahead of time, we would not have succeeded. You’ll need to have approved snacks on hand to grab in weak moments and three ‘go to’ meals in the freezer in case you have a crazy day and just can’t get a meal made quickly.

Maybe you’re at a TOTAL loss and you have NO idea what to cook! Then I would wholeheartedly recommend Real Plans. Real Plans is an editable meal planner that learns your likes and dislikes. It caters to most food allergies, tastes and preferences.

And……They have a special Whole 30 plan that you can check out in the link below. It’s especially great if you are really busy! (And who of us isn’t?!) You can customize your menus and ‘Real Plans’ will prepare a grocery shopping list for you. I absolutely LOVE this menu planning service and the added bonus is that they teamed up with Whole 30!

Shop. Cook. Eat. Love.

Follow the plan and be EXCITED about the results! It will make you feel so much better! I can’t stress enough how THANKFUL I am for Whole 30!

Sometimes you just need inspiration! These resources helped me get started and encouraged me to continue! “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.”

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Here is a kit to help you get started:

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Our family LOVES Primal Kitchen!

Are the thoughts of doing Whole 30 still making you shake in your boots? Check out my post on why it shouldn’t scare you here! 

I would love to hear whether or not you are thinking of diving in! I’d love to encourage you if you do! Have you ever thought about trying Whole 30? Are you apprehensive about starting something crazy like I did?


  1. My husband and I are about three weeks in to Whole30 and doing well. It certainly has its challenges and I wanted him to try it long ago.

    It wasn’t until he woke up during the night, (wearing his C-PAP mask) with severe acid reflux – which gave him QUITE a scare, that he finally agreed that he needed to make some changes.

    His big vice is sugar, (which mascarades in MANY things) so I knew it would be a challenge. He really is sticking to the plan very well and has been spot on for moods, etc., according to the Whole30 timeline. Yesterday, after a weekend with all of our 13 grandchildren, he was mourning the loss of ice cream! We talked about it last night after the kids left and we realize that ice cream is always associated with grandkids. Once we got that figured out, he started to feel better mentally and I do believe he will finish out the program strong.

    I love the changes that I am seeing in my husband from doing Whole30. People are actually commenting that he looks like he is glowing! We have heard that more than once! As for myself, my diet has been pretty clean for the most part anyway, but I am feeling better all the way around. I have only lost a few pounds, but didn’t really need to lose too much anyway. My husband is fitting back into his jeans that were much too tight before he started this program. But we did not do it for weight loss. That is just a nice side effect.

    I feel that I need to report that he has not used in inhaler since about day three or four of Whole30. That is something we were not even expecting.

    So, thank you for writing this article about Whole30 and reminding me that it is certainly worth one month of my life to get healthy! I love your blogs and I look forward to reading them each time you publish a new one.

    • That’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear all of the changes that Whole 30 is making for you! It is motivating to keep going when you see what a difference it makes!
      One month really isn’t that long to give up when your life can be changed so drastically!
      I appreciate your comment and thank you for the compliment!

  2. I’m contemplating taking the plunge!
    My family is post vacation and full of yucky stuff. My body is begging for this:) thank you!

  3. Amber, thanks for posting this! I’ve needed the right push and apparently whole30 was the right one!! Did my shopping today and made my first meal tonight for the whole family! NO LEFTOVERS!!!! I can already feel the difference in eating this way!!!!

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